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Photo: Morgan Göransson Lind

Subsidence and landslides

We work to minimize the risks for landslides and subsidence and to reduce the effects of such events. An important part of this work is to adapt society to a changing climate.

Geotechnical safety issues

Our task is to reduce the risks and increase geotechnical safety related to natural events such as: landslides, erosion, mudflows, rock fall/block displacements and flooding. Climate change, with higher water flows and flooding as a result, will have consequences for soil stability and buildability.

Support to agencies

Our role is to support municipalities, county administrative boards and other agencies throughout the country to prevent natural disasters.

Our tasks are to:

  • Review the geotechnical safety issues in the planning process. We audit planning, infrastructure and coastal erosion issues.
  • Provide support to the Swedish Rescue Service in the event of emergency landslide and subsidence situations.
  • Monitor stability conditions in the Göta River Valley.
  • Lead the Delegation in landslide and subsidence issues.
  • Provide support to the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB when analysing and authorizing state funding for preventive stability measures.
  • Disseminate knowledge in the field.

As support and basis for spatial planning we also conduct landslide risk mapping, catalogue general erosion conditions and work to coordinate our planning documentation with other agencies.

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