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About SGI

The Swedish Geotechnical Institute (SGI) is an expert agency that works for a safe, efficient and sustainable development and sustainable use of land and natural resources.

Our mission includes the prevention of landslides and coastal erosion, sustainable and effective soil works, know-how and methods to remediate contaminated sites and climate adaptation. We contribute towards achieving the national environmental objectives. The environmental objectives that affect our operations are above all A good built environment and A non-toxic environment.

We work with research, knowledge dissemination and provide advisory services as well as we play an important role in supporting municipalities, county councils and other authorities throughout Sweden.

Our mission is governed by an instruction and annual appropriation directions from the Government. We belong to the Ministry of Climate and Enterprise and have approximately 100 employees. The head office is located in Linköping and we have regional offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.


We see a future with significant global challenges such as urbanisation, climate change and chemical usage. Cross-border cooperation and knowledge ensure Sweden serves as a model for the development of a sustainable society.

In this future, SGI will be an expert agency and an international centre of excellence. We are a driving force in collaboration to guarantee society is built on solid ground.

Our vision is:

Safe and Sustainable Living and Transportation.

Strategic goals

Our strategic goals are:

  • Adaptation to climate change in the application of all geotechnical knowledge
  • It must be safe and sustainable to live and travel
  • 15,000 contaminated sites in Sweden must be rehabilitated by 2050
  • SGI shall be an international centre of excellence
  • SGI shall be Sweden's most modern agency


SGI was established by the Government in 1944 to "strengthen geotechnical research and to support state agencies with construction operations". Geotechnical engineering is the study of earth and rock mechanics and its application in planning and construction, including technical solutions and construction methods. All construction work requires ground and foundation work, which constitutes a significant part of the total construction cost. Geotechnical-related weaknesses in construction work can have very serious consequences. Consequently, there is a great need of geotechnical knowledge within civil engineering and planning.

The need of geotechnical knowledge has increased in order to meet the new societal challenges we are now facing. At SGI we have accepted the challenge to adapt society to the impending climate changes, which are expected to lead to an increased risk of more natural disasters in the form of landslides, coastal erosion and flooding.

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