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Just nu finns det 228 Publikationer:
  1. Mapping subsidence with very high resolution (TerraSAR-X) radar images and comparing with traditional measurements - Test area Gothenburg Författare: Hjördis Löfroth, Michael Ledwith, Jim Hedfors Ladda ner (PDF, 3,12 MB)
  2. Large diameter bored piles in non-cohesive soils. Determination of the bearing capacity and settlement from results of static penetration tests (CPT) and standard penetration test (SPT) Författare: Kazimierz Gwizdala Ladda ner (PDF, 7,33 MB)
  3. Dynamic and static behaviour of driven piles. Diss Författare: Nguyen Truong Tien Ladda ner (PDF, 16,05 MB)
  4. Two stage-constructed embankments on organic soils. Field and laboratory investigations - Instrumentation - Prediction and observation of behaviour Författare: Wojciech Wolski, Alojzy Szymanski, Jozef Mirecki, Zbigniew Lechowicz, Rolf Larsson, Jan Hartlén, Kazimierz Garbulewski, Ulf Bergdahl Ladda ner (PDF, 13,88 MB)
  5. Methods for reducing undrained shear strength of soft clay Författare: KV Helenelund Ladda ner (PDF, 3,41 MB)
  6. Long term consolidation beneath the test fills at Väsby, Sweden Författare: Yuan Chun Eugene Chang Ladda ner (PDF, 14,63 MB)
  7. Investigations and load tests in clay till. Results from a series of investigations and load tests in the test field at Tornhill outside Lund in southern Sweden Författare: Rolf Larsson Ladda ner (PDF, 3,07 MB)
  8. Investigations and load tests in silty soils. Results from a series of investigations in silty soils in Sweden Författare: Rolf Larsson Ladda ner (PDF, 7,09 MB)
  9. Compaction- and strength properties of stabilised and unstabilised fine-grained tills. Diss Författare: Per Lindh Ladda ner (PDF, 10,23 MB)
  10. Quick clay in Sweden Författare: Karin Rankka, Yvonne Andersson-Sköld, Carina Hultén, Rolf Larsson, Virginie Leroux, Torleif Dahlin Ladda ner (PDF, 13,99 MB)
  11. Long-term effects of excavations at crests of slopes. Pore pressure distribution - Shear strength properties - Stability - Environment Författare: Rolf Larsson, Åhnberg, H Ladda ner (PDF, 8,58 MB)
  12. Behaviour of organic clay and gyttja. Results from investigations in Swedish gyttja-bearing soils supplemented with results from a similar Finnish investigation and experience from sulphide-rich soils (svartmocka) Författare: Rolf Larsson Ladda ner (PDF, 11,53 MB)
  13. Modelling of groundwater conditions in silts and fine sands. A study of induced groundwater changes based on laboratory and full-scale field tests. Diss Författare: Marius Tremblay Ladda ner (PDF, 18,36 MB)
  14. R&D for roads and bridges. International seminar on soil mechanics and foundation engineering, Sigtuna, 16-18 November, 1993. Ed: Bengt Rydell Författare: Ladda ner (PDF, 5,98 MB)
  15. Geotechnical properties of clay at elevated temperatures Författare: Lovisa Moritz Ladda ner (PDF, 5,32 MB)
  16. Stability and run-off conditions - Guidelines for detailed investigation of slopes and torrents in till and coarse-grained sediments Författare: Karin Rankka, Jan Fallsvik Ladda ner (PDF, 3,36 MB)
  17. Calculating long-term settlement in soft clays - with special focus on the Gothenburg region Författare: Mats Olsson Ladda ner (PDF, 5,27 MB)
  18. Strength degradation of clay due to cyclic loadings and enforced deformation Författare: Helen Åhnberg, Rolf Larsson Ladda ner (PDF, 13,25 MB)
  19. Landslide risks in the Göta River Valley in a changing climate - Final report. Part 2 - Mapping Författare: Ladda ner (PDF, 11,90 MB)
  20. Organic matter in Swedish clays and its importance for quick clay formation Författare: Rolf Söderblom Ladda ner (PDF, 2,75 MB)