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Just nu finns det 173 Publikationer:
  1. Corrosion protection of steel piles in soils - testing and abrasion durability Författare: Bergdahl, U, Tränk, R Ladda ner (PDF, 8,06 MB)
  2. Ground and water in a changing society - Geotechnical Research Day 2004 Författare: Ladda ner (PDF, 11,28 MB)
  3. Vegetation as means for slope stabilisation, part 2. Status report and follow-up of demonstration-projects in Bispgården, Sweden Författare: Karin Rankka Ladda ner (PDF, 4,02 MB)
  4. Secant piles for embedded retaining wall construction - A literature review Författare: Helen Åhnberg Ladda ner (PDF, 4,18 MB)
  5. Road 641 - Connection to Frövifors, Sweden. Cement stabilized stone columns. Follow-up on route 2/430 - 2/490 Författare: Leif Eriksson, Mattias Andersson Ladda ner (PDF, 4,14 MB)
  6. Inventory of materials and applications - Contribution to the Swedish EPA project, "Recycling waste in construction works", commissioned by the Government Författare: Maria Arm, Johanna Lindeberg, Helena Helgesson Ladda ner (PDF, 164,49 KB)
  7. Ground-source heat pump for heating and cooling – Demonstration objects Författare: Bengt Rosén, Anna Gabrielsson, Göran Hellström, Gunnel Nilsson Ladda ner (PDF, 12,01 MB)
  8. Risk analysis of areas where railway traffic may affect water supplies and other resources - Development of method Författare: Per-Erik Back, Bengt Rosén Ladda ner (PDF, 1,34 MB)
  9. Multifunctional ditches - a discussion of different functions of a road ditch Författare: Ulrika Nilsson, Bo Lind, Lennart Folkeson, Bengt Gunnarsson, Lars Bäckman, Göran Blomqvist, Hans Antonson Ladda ner (PDF, 1 016,27 KB)
  10. Execution program and QA/QC of geotechnical design Författare: Leif Jendeby, Connie Olsson, Bo Orre
  11. Clay till as retaining wall backfill – evaluation of earth pressure and deformations Författare: Inge Brorsson, Leif Eriksson Ladda ner (PDF, 543,26 KB)
  12. Soil stabilization with lime-rich ash Författare: Yvonne Rogbeck, Lennart Larsson, Helen Åhnberg, Sten Rodenstam Ladda ner (PDF, 3,52 MB)
  13. Vegetation as mean for erosion and shallow landslide protection in steep soil slopes. Demonstration sites in Bispgården and Bydalen, Sweden Författare: Karin Lundström, Mattias Andersson Ladda ner (PDF, 14,20 MB)
  14. Deep stabilization of sulphide soils - laboratory and field tests. The Bothnia Line in northern Sweden Författare: Mattias Andersson, Yvonne Rogbeck, Bo Westerberg Ladda ner (PDF, 3,86 MB)
  15. Soil stabilization with biotechnology. A prestudy Författare: Christel Carlsson, David Bendz, Göran Holm Ladda ner (PDF, 1,01 MB)
  16. Energy efficiency in road construction - A pilot study of Road 161 Sweden Författare: Yvonne Andersson-Sköld, Ramona Bergman Ladda ner (PDF, 1,41 MB)
  17. Geocalculation 2.0. Manual and implementation Författare: Ladda ner (PDF, 7,72 MB)
  18. Deep stabilization of sulphide soils in two infrastructure projects Författare: Mattias Andersson, Bo Vesterberg Ladda ner (PDF, 8,71 MB)
  19. Large diameter bored piles in non-cohesive soils. Determination of the bearing capacity and settlement from results of static penetration tests (CPT) and standard penetration test (SPT) Författare: Kazimierz Gwizdala Ladda ner (PDF, 7,33 MB)
  20. Limestone as fill material Författare: Jan Hartlén, Bengt Åkesson Ladda ner (PDF, 4,94 MB)